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Why study the History of War?

By studying the History of War, either as a single degree or as part of a wider History or Humanities degree, you will gain understanding of how peoples, cultures, technology and society interact over time.

Students of the History of War develop critical thinking and engage with a variety of ways of seeing and sources of information – helping you to think broadly, see differently, and approach some of the world's most difficult and pressing questions with a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Resources for teachers at Key Stage 5 / S6 level, Careers Leaders, students, and parents:

This powerpoint slide deck introducing the History of War as a field of study. The slides address the following sort of questions:


  • Do you want to examine and explain human behaviour and understand how society both functions and breaks down?

  • Do you want to contribute to local, national and international culture?

  • Perhaps you want to learn from the past and apply these lessons to be able to think flexibly about the challenges of the present?

  • Do you want to help solve the biggest challenges the world is facing?

Download Slides here

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